Windows Update

The new 2.4 release for Windows fixes some connection problem reported using Windows 7 Home after a recent operating system update.
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New Android App

We have just released a new Android version of our App. It fixes some connection problem report from our customers and improves the speed.
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Heartbleed Bug on Encryption

There are many articles about “heartbleed” bug on the most used encryption library openSSL:
Heart Bleed Bug: What You Need to Know, Including for Yahoo ...
"Heart bleed" يهدد خصوصية مواقع الإنترنت
Australian businesses exposed to 'heart bleed' bug
OpenSSL Heart Bleed OpenSSL-Lücke ermöglicht Datenklau
Heartbleed, la faille de sécurité qui menace vos mots de passe
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We want assure that our servers have NOT been exposed to such bug because we always used a no bugged version of openssl (0.9.8).
Why did we use an older version? Because there there wasn’t any need for a new version of openssl and there was around a “tale” about open source developers hired from the NSA.

7 new countries on iPhone/iPad

We have added 7 more countries to iPhone/iPad/iPod VPN, to add Iceland, Panama, Chile, Czech, Hungary, Poland and Austria you should tap on the option “Update Configuration” from our app.

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