Dedicated VPN Server

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May 20, 2018
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Dedicated VPN Server

Dedicated VPN Server and Dedicated IP Address


VPN One Click is a popular VPN service that has been operational for over 8 years with a milestone of having over 20 million users worldwide. After years of successful service to customers globally, VPN One Click has now launched an additional VPN service called as PrivateVPN. PrivateVPN is a dedicated VPN service that allows users to connect to a dedicated VPN server of their choice and connect up to 50 devices to the server. The user will be in control of the dedicated VPN server and will receive a dedicated IP address.

One of the major advantage of using PrivateVPN is that the user who subscribes to the dedicated VPN server is the only user having access to that VPN server. The user would be given access to control panel that would be used to manage devices connected to the dedicated VPN server. User would be provided a static dedicated IP address, and the user would be the only one using the dedicated VPN server and its IP address. The user can, however, enable up to 50 devices to the VPN server from the control panel. PrivateVPN provides allots an actual server to the user with a unique IP address. PrivateVPN is ideal for home users and business users who need multiple devices to be connected to a single VPN server with a single IP address helping employees to access company resources privately and securely.

Advantages of PrivateVPN

Some of the important features of PrivateVPN are outlined below:

    • Dedicated VPN Server to be alloted to the user who subscribes
    • Dedicated IP address address to be provided
    • Option to connect up to 50 devices to the dedicated VPN server
    • Control Panel access to manage the connected devices
    • PrivateVPN is accessible from many countries, not banned like regular VPN services
    • PrivateVPN is faster than standard VPN since the VPN server is dedicated to one user
    • Higher connection speeds even at peak hours due to dedicated nature of VPN server and unlimited bandwidth
    • PrivateVPN enhances privacy, keeps user in control of data and information
    • PrivateVPN does not keep any connection logs or internet browsing logs
    • Additional firewall on the server side to protect the devices connected via VPN
    • PrivateVPN hides the original IP address
    • Allows users to watch their national television channels from abroad
    • Backed by VPN One Click a popular VPN service with over 20 million trusted customers worldwide


How does PrivateVPN work?

The below picture clearly explains the working of PrivateVPN. Using a VPN client app, users are allowed to connect to a dedicated VPN server via an encrypted VPN tunnel and access the internet. PrivateVPN client applications are available for smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers.

Dedicated VPN Server Locations

PrivateVPN’s dedicated VPN servers are currently located in the below countries and we are constantly working on to increase the number of server locations.

Supported OS Platforms

PrivateVPN service is currently available on iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows platforms. We will support more platforms in the near future.

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