How to download Pokemon Go when its not available in your country?

Benefits of VPN
Benefits of VPN
August 2, 2016
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February 26, 2017

How to download Pokemon Go when its not available in your country?

Pokemon Go is a free-to-play augmented reality game available on iOS and Android devices. It is Nintendo’s first foray into the augmented reality apps. Pokemon Go after its launch on July 6th 2016 has taken the world by storm proving to be incredibly popular having captured the imagination of millions.

Pokemon Go takes the gaming concept into the real world wherein the players have to physically walk around in the real world to find out Pokemons rather than exploring the virtual world. This is a location-based augmented reality game which provides you a map of the real world with your location on it and as you move around in the real world to find out hidden virtual Pokemon. Players go around in the real world scanning their surroundings and catch a wild Pokemon when it pops-up on the screen. Players capture Pokemon by throwing a Poke Ball onto them and add that Pokemon to the collection.

Pokemon Go has become a global phenomenon and one of most used mobile apps, it is downloaded by over 130 million people worldwide since it’s launch a little over a month ago.

Pokemon Go was launched in select countries like US, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the UK where it was made available for download from Apple and Android App Stores. Subsequently more countries were added to the list where Pokemon Go was made available but even to this day it is not available in a large number of countries.

Countries where Pokemon Go is available for download:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brunei, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Falkland Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Finland, French Guinea, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Guatemala, Guyana, Hungary, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Palau, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, US, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam.

Some of the countries where Pokemon Go is not available as of now:

Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Egypt, Nigeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia and others.

How to download Pokemon Go if its not available in your country?

If Pokemon Go is still not available in your country and you just cannot wait but to experience the phenomenon that’s been taking the world by storm, here’s a good news for you. You can download Pokemon Go using VPN One Click. VPN One Click enables you to change your virtual location to the country where the game is available and download Pokemon Go app.

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Search for VPN One Click on your phone’s App Store

2. Download and install VPN One Click

3. Connect to servers of one of the countries where the game is available

4. When you are connected to VPN, launch the App Store and search for Pokemon Go app and download it.

Once you download Pokemon Go app on your device, you can enjoy the game even in your country where it is officially not available yet.

You can also download VPN One Click from our website at:

For any suggestions or clarifications, please drop in a comment here and we would do our best to support you.

Enjoy your game, and good luck with catching Pokemon!