VPN One Click upgraded for Windows

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VPN One Click Upgraded for Windows


We, the VPN One Click team, are glad to announce that we have upgraded VPN One Click for Windows platform. The new upgraded version has an improved user interface making it easy and simple for users to navigate through different country servers, and make overall user experience better. Users can connect and disconnect VPN One Click with just a single click of a button.


Here’s a sneak peak into the new improved VPN One Click on Windows.


VPN One Click on WIndows Upgraded


The above screenshot shows the default screen of VPN One Click on a Windows platform. On the top left corner, one can see VPN One Click servers across different continents. Bottom left corner of the screen displays the connection status, the server connected to, IP Address, Subscription Type, and the Expiry Date of the Subscription. The bottom right section shows three subscription options that a user can purchase and subscribe to. The ‘Connect’ button at the centre bottom enables a user to connect to a VPN server.



The below screenshot shows VPN One Click on Windows OS in the connected mode.

VPN One Click Windows Upgraded


In this case, the connection status in the bottom left corner will be displayed as ‘Connected’, and the server name is shown as ‘United States’ since the user has connected to VPN One Click server located in the United States. When VPN One Click is in connected mode and user is connected to VPN server of a particular country, the world map in the screen will highlight that country. Just like you see United States being highlighted in green in the world map in above screen. The user can disconnect VPN One Click by just clicking the ‘Disconnect’ button on the screen.


That’s how easy and simple the new Window’s version of VPN One Click is. Download and try VPN One Click on Windows OS today!