Importance of VPN in 2018

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November 4, 2017
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June 20, 2018

Importance of VPN in 2018

How important is it to use VPN in today’s world?

VPN or Virtual Private Networks have always been useful, but now, they seem to be more useful than ever. VPNs today have become a necessity than an option.

Due to some of the recent happenings in the world politics, changes in privacy related laws in some countries and growing cyber attacks make VPNs all the more important for businesses as well as individuals today.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure private network connection over a public network, like Internet, and allows users to send and receive data across this secure private network.

Virtual Private Networks were mostly used by large business and government organizations only. But now, individuals, businesses and organizations of all sizes have started to make extensive use of VPNs. And, this change in increased use of VPNs is being seen globally.

Some of the reasons that make VPNs popular and increase their importance in today’s world are mentioned below:

VPN adds security against cyber attacks (like ransomware):

In the recent times we have seen increased cyber attacks and data thefts taking place across the globe. Even some of the biggest organization have been at the receiving end of these attacks. Yahoo, LinkedIn, Tumblr, leading banks, and a number of other organizations have had to deal with security breaches in the recent times.
In the last couple of years we have an infamous cyber attack called ransomware become increasingly common. Ransomware is a malware that encrypts your files, holds them hostage and then demands money to decrypt the files, payments made to anonymous bitcoin accounts. The year 2016 and 2017 saw a series of ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks became so rampant that the cyber criminals making use of this attack made over 1 billion USD.
VPN is technology which greatly enhances the security of your Internet connection and reduces the chances of your data being stolen and misused.

VPN combats anti-privacy laws:

Another reason which increases the use of VPN is privacy related laws being passed which affect the citizens. USA passed an anti-privacy bill which authorizes Internet Service Providers to snoop on their consumers and even sell that data. And there are many other countries who want to follow the suit and introduce similar bills in order to eliminate net neutrality. With the risk of having private information being sold to advertisers and others, internet users are becoming desperate to look for alternate methods to subvert this breach of privacy. VPNs provide an effective method to internet users to safeguard their online privacy and security, helping combat the anti-privacy bill and surveillance.

VPN provides security for Cryptocurrency Trading:

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading saw an enormous popularity in 2017. As a result a large number of people started buying and selling Bitcoins and other Altcoins on cryptocurrency exchanges. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency trading, many cryptocurrency trading exchanges had to deal with cyber attacks as well and some of even losing billions of dollars as a result. Since the nature of cryptocurrency is digital, users save their cryptocurrency wealth in digital wallets which needs to be secure and foolproof against any cyber hacks. This is another area where VPNs are extremely useful since VPNs make your connection private and secure. Use of VPNs ensures that your private data, like username and password, are hidden from the prying eyes of hackers. Some cryptocurrency trading exchanges and digital wallets are developing VPN as an inbuilt feature to provide an extra layer of security.

VPN avoids Censorship and Surveillance:

A lot of countries around the world impose restrictions and censorship on the use internet which prohibits the access to certain websites and other online services. There are numerous countries who impose these restrictions, the count is limitless. Users living in such restrictive countries benefit from the use of VPN by connecting to a VPN server enabling them to tunnel out of the censorship restrictions and allow them to access the full world wide web. VPNs also conceal your data and internet activity from any surveillance. Since the censorship and surveillance by authorities is increasing around the world, the popularity and importance of VPNs would also continue to increase.