Best VPN for iOS

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Best VPN for iOS

In this blog we try to explain why VPN One Click is the best VPN for iOS.

Most of the technology enthusiasts must have heard the term VPN, but for starters here is what a VPN is? VPN creates a secure connection between your device and the Internet, all your Internet communication is routed through an encrypted tunnel created by VPN.

If you live in a country that has Internet censorship laws, uses geo-blocking of websites, or you just don’t want hackers or snoopers track your Internet activity – then VPN is an essential application to use on your Apple device (iPhone or iPad) which would enable users to access any unblocked website and browse Internet anonymously.

VPN One Click, when installed on your Apple device, connects the client (iPhone, iPad, etc.) to a secured network when you are on a public WiFi, the data is transferred through an encrypted tunnel and hence using VPN One Click on the iPhone or iPad also enhances Internet security apart from enabling you to browse Internet anonymously and accessing blocked websites.

While many companies offer VPN solutions for iOS, but here is why we believe VPN One Click is the best VPN for iOS.

1. VPN One Click is an easy to install VPN Software. Installing VPN One Click on your Apple device doesn’t require any technical knowledge. One just needs to download and install VPN One Click from Apple App Store. It’s usually very simple and could be installed with just a single click.

2. Ease of Use. VPN One Click automatically connects you to our VPN servers using an encrypted tunnel. Your real IP Address is hidden and safe from external access or attack. Using VPN One Click, its very simple to select between VPN servers. VPN One Click allows its users to choose from VPN servers located in 29 countries.

3. The best way to secure an iPad or iPhone is to use VPN One Click on it. This VPN software doesn’t just allow you to access blocked websites and remain anonymous on the Internet, it can also be used for data encryption and tunneling. Apple has built-in VPN settings for configuration.

4. VPN One Click designed for maximum speed. VPN One Click creates a super fast connection on iOS with no traffic limit. It doesn’t affect your bandwidth.

5. Increased Privacy. VPN One Click keeps no connection logs. It doesn’t even ask you to use your email while registering for the VPN. VPN One Click gives ultimate importance to the privacy of the user.

6. Encryption Protocols: VPN One Click encrypts ALL your Internet Communication using encrypted PPTP protocol or L2TP/IPSEC security protocols. Avoid filters, access any website without getting tracked or spoofed. Maintain complete privacy on every Internet connection.

How to get VPN on iOS?

1. Search for VPN One Click on Apple App Store, or download it from our website.

2. Download and install VPN One Click for iOS on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Connect to any of our VPN servers located in 29 countries.

4. Use Internet on your phone normally, but with an added security and privacy.

VPN One Click for all iOS versions:

VPN One Click is compatible with all versions of iOS. You can install VPN One Click on any series of iPhone or iPad.

Share VPN One Click subscription on iPhone and iPad:

When you download and install VPN One Click on your iPhone, you can also use the same subscription on your iPad, and vice versa.

VPN One Click subscription on iPhone and iPad:

VPN One Click is available as a free version and paid version on iOS. Below are the details:

Free Version: VPN One Click is available for use for free on iOS, but only for a limited time. With the free version, you can only connect to the VPN One Click’s free servers in Europe.

Paid Version:

Option 1: $1.99 per month

Option 2: $9.99 per year

The paid version of VPN One Click gives you access to the faster and dedicated VPN Network of VPN One Click. The paid user has access to VPN servers located in more than 29 countries.

All the above features make VPN One Click one of the best VPN for iOS.

Download VPN One Click: